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I decided to take a look at the past week’s most prevalent tarot influences, and create my own spread with them. This is one of the cases where keeping a tarot journal is very important and useful, so you can see your overall trends for any period of time. I keep mine on the computer, for easy updating and review. (Plus my handwriting isn’t the best, so I’m actually able to read my notes on the computer!)

The cards that came up most often (three times this week) form the top triangle of the Ace of Cups Rx, The High Priestess II, and The Tower XVI. Now, the Tower (along with a few other cards) came up both upright and reversed, so I put them sideways (or Sw) as a reminder to consider both interpretations.

The base of the triangle is formed by the cards that came up pretty frequently (twice this week). The Fool 0 and the Three of Pentacles appear here, as well as the Seven of Cups Sw and Two of Swords Sw.

To form the pentagram around the triangle, I looked at the overall trend of the tarot cards that I drew this week. I drew thirteen majors, so I used the corresponding card for the Spirit position, Death XIII. The other elements I put in order according to the amount of cards I drew this week, counterclockwise. For the Cups, the amount of cards added up to eleven, so I assigned the Page of Cups to it. You could also reduce the eleven down to two, or add up the numbers of each card and reduce it from there, if you would like to. I did not assign any reversals to these underlying influences, but you could come up with your own methods of assigning reversals as well.

Tarot Week In Review 10-29 11-4

The emotional upset I’ve been feeling (Ace of Cups Rx) is a direct result of my passivity (High Priestess)regarding potential disruptions and changes (The Tower Sw). While part of me craves new beginnings (Fool), especially in regards to my career (Three of Pentacles), I am easily overwhelmed by my options (Seven of Cups Sw). Also, the thought of upsetting the balance I’ve gained so far makes me anxious, and holds me back considerably (Two of Swords Sw).

Death reminds me that not all changes are life-shattering. Some things are the result of natural progression, and should be embraced. I need to cultivate an innocent enjoyment of life, like the Page of Cups. The Eight of Pentacles shows that the success I crave in my career will only result from hard work, hard choices, and sacrifices. The Seven of Wands shows that I do have the strength to defend my current position while striving for better things. And the Six of Swords shows that my journey in life is as much an internal, spiritual journey as it is a literal one. Until I face my inner struggles, I will not find the joy and success I crave in my outer life.

You could create this spread in any pattern you would like, depending on the number of cards that come up frequently for you. Do you have your own ways of reviewing your tarot progress? Share your ideas here.



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