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If you ever feel like you are “going with the flow” in life, and just coasting down life’s river, then the Life Stream Tarot Spread can help you take control of your direction! It has two rows, that flow up and down, like a river. Let’s take a quick look at my life stream, which has had its share of rocks and waterfalls lately!

1. Where You Are Now –  Six of Wands – Now this is *not* the card I expected here! I do not feel victorious right now, as my life has been one of upheaval and difficult growth lately. Yet the figure is surrounded by his supporters, who can be seen as pledging their allegiance to him. I have a strong network of supporting, loving friends, who have been helping me through this difficult time, each in their own way. I am starting to feel the culmination of their support, as things are creeping ever closer to getting better. In this position, the six of wands is giving me a glimmer of hope, as I am so close to the success I crave.

2. Internal Influences – King of Wands – I have been the intuitive recluse lately! Besides taking a few days off from tarot, I’ve been examining my own inner workings. Dealing with anxiety, blocks, and other mental and emotional processes. I’ve been looking for a path in the dark, and writing up action plans that may or may not pan out. I could easily see this king writing up battle strategies in his war room, going over each possible tactic and tossing out the ones that don’t seem quite right to him.

3. External Influences – Queen of Cups Rx – Results have not yet been forthcoming, despite my meager efforts. I’ve been creatively frustrated, and the Muse has left me high and dry! I’ve also been feeling a tad depressed, stressed, and angry. My dear friends, while supportive, have not been coddling or overly sympathetic. They are a more action-driven bunch, coming up with possible solutions while allowing me to have my personal space to heal. What would I do without them?

4. Where You Want To Go – The Empress III – I want to embrace her love of life, and overabundant creativity! I want to enjoy the fruits of my creative labor, and taste the simplicity of a life well lived. I want my writing to take off, and to earn a decent living from it. I want to be able to enjoy my family, while providing for them. What a great card to have as a personal goal!

5. How To Get There – Eight of Wands – One of my least favorite cards! (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.) The eight of wands is all about action. Go, go, go, without a moment to lose! Press on, the journey is long, and the arrows are flying all around you. You can make it, as long as you aren’t standing still. Movement, energy, and action will bring me success!

Overall, there’s a lot of positive energy flowing here. The wands are all pointing me in a healthy, prosperous direction. The ladies are indicating my support systems, and remind me that I am capable of my own success, and also my own failures. As long as I work hard, there’s nothing that can get in my way.

If you try this tarot spread out, let me know! I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and more.



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In honor of Thanksgiving, I created a quick spread to illustrate some of the things I have to be grateful for. These may be areas I’ve neglected to appreciate, or ones that I am well aware have helped me over the past year. This is a simple five card spread with the Deviant Moon , in a small arch just like the “turkeys” drawn by tracing your hand when I was in elementary school.

Tarot Gratitude Spread

Gratitude Tarot Spread

1. Seven of Swords Rx: This card is the sword eater who just can’t seem to pull it off right! Five swords lay at his feet, while he balances two swords tied together on his feet, trying to use gravity to ease the process. Especially reversed, this card is the “trouble I create for myself!” In its best light, it is creative solutions to problems, and innocent mischief. At worst, it can be betrayal, cheating, or hurting others. How to be grateful for this? Well, just like on any TV sitcom, any problem that I get myself into, I can get myself out of, no matter how convoluted. I can use my creative thinking to make it happen, and beat the odds in the strangest ways! A good quality to have when life gets tough.

2. The Tower XVI: “Dramatic and often unwelcome change!” This major instability has been a huge player in my life over the past year. I know I haven’t been as grateful as I should for this one! Yet change is the nature of the world, even total upheaval. Natural forest fires, while devestating, pave the way for new growth. And the lightning bolt from the heavens clears out unhealthy preconceptions, allowing for new thought and deeper insights to blossom. While it has been rough going, the Tower’s influence has definitely brought me where I am today.

3. The Magician I: The masculine life force, action, power, the ability to do what needs to be done. To pick a tool, and use it to its full effectiveness. No matter what situation I’ve been in lately, I do what needs to be done to support myself and my family. I have the ability to make life happen, and although living in the masculine energy is difficult when I’m a female, it is worth the cost. I am grateful that I am capable of this high activity lifestyle; if I were a more passive person, then we would be in a far worse situation.

4. The Emperor IV: What a stern card to be grateful for! He is control, organization, the world regulated to proper procedures and social mores. Yet without this control, chaos would ensue. In my life, if I do not keep a tight rein on my emotions and impulses, I could easily burn out by overwhelming myself with responsibilities and pleasures as well. In this card, his scepter rests on a red, demonish creature. I am glad that my personal demons are under his control, not running around to make things difficult for me.

5. The Sun XIX: Finally, a truly happy card to be grateful for! This is the card of epiphanies, of truly finding yourself and your personal fulfillment. I believe this has finally come to light by pursuing my love of tarot. This can be self-improvement or personal growth as well, and I know that the past year has brought many improvements into my life. I am learning to enjoy life, thorns and all, and am coming to terms with the apparently conflicted areas of myself.

What do you have to be grateful for this year? Overall, I am to be grateful for my trials, and my personal strength and ability to overcome with creativity and power. Share your thanksgiving reflections here in the comments!


Here’s one that just sprung out of my head: On a scale of 1-10, how much energy do I have? After shuffling and cutting the deck, draw until you draw a Major Arcana card. Count how many card it took to draw to get your “number.” The card itself will reflect the type of energy you possess at the moment. Reversals count as negative numbers, so watch out!

Ready? Here goes nothing, with my cherished Deviant Moon Tarot.

*drumroll please*

I didn’t even get a chance to draw, the World XXI leaped from my deck!  The Mermaid doing the Mamba, is always my first impression of this beautifully strange card. Two fish frame the top of the card, possibly the same two featured in the Fool card. The traditional wreath is replaced by a snake eating its tail, emulating the circular nature of life, death, and rebirth. The mutated lion and goat lay at the bottom, with snarling grins. The snake serves as a frame, a gateway between the barren wasteland background featured on many of the cards, and the industrial world within.

I am finally back online (hooray!) and, indeed, ready to take on the world. While my energy levels are a tad low today, thanks to my cold and the greyness of winter settling in, I am well on my way to whipping around her duel wands. She is beautiful, with flowing blue hair and a simple crown adorned with pearls. I am always drawn by her beauty, as if she were withholding some great secret. The truth of the matter is, there is no way to express what the world encompasses, but she lives it openly.

I couldn’t imagine a better card to express how I feel today. Everything in my life has built up to this moment, living my dreams and providing for my family and myself. (“All roads lead to Rome,” as they say, is my favorite catch phrase in life.) All the successes and failures add up to this very moment, where I am older, wiser, and ready to begin anew.

Give this a try, and let me know how your personal energy gauge turns out! This little exercise was far more insightful than I even suspected. The tarot cards never cease to surprise me.


P.S. For a little fun, try the Tarot Jigsaw Puzzles I found a little while ago. Too much fun, and helps you pay attention to the tiniest details of the cards.

I have been feeling a strong spiritual call lately, especially considering my renewed focus on the tarot cards. I personally use them for meditation and self-improvement, and wanted to see where I am right now, and which direction I should go in. So I consulted my Fenestra Tarot, and borrowed the Work Cycle Spread, from Rachel Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot. The beauty of this spread is that you can lay down a second line, if you need further clarification or if you want a different viewpoint on the situation.

My Question: “What are the best steps for my spiritual growth and development?”

Spiritual Work Tarot Spread Part 1

1. Inner (being): Four of Pentacles – I have been very guarded about my spiritual path and progression. Believing that others would not understand the path I have chosen, I keep it very close to myself. I am at least partially reluctant to share it with others, especially those with more traditional spiritual experiences (such as mom and co-workers).

2. Outer (doing): Two of Cups – I am choosing to share my cup of knowledge with others anyway, despite my misgivings. I’ve started the tarot blog, and am going to renew my activity at the tarot forums. I also need to email my mentor, and again pursue the path to certification. Also, I am sharing this personal journey with my beloved, who is in a completely different area of his development. Yet he supports me fully and is willing to cultivate an interest in tarot and my spiritual lessons.

3. Past Experience: The Tower XVI Rx – My religious experiences were rocky to begin with, and only got worse from there! I grew up in a partially Seventh-Day Adventist home, and shook my fist at God when I was thirteen. I began my occult studies then, as a spiritual alternative. Yet I could not reconcile that I knew both the Bible was true and my studies of tarot and astrology were true. After a fallout with my beloved about spirituality, I left and ended up getting married to a man willing to live “by the Book” and go to church. That was a spectacular disaster, yet after reuniting with my beloved, I finally had the wisdom to resolve my inner conflict, and therefore did not need another Tower experience!

4. Expectations: The Star XVII – I truly want my spiritual development to be filled with hope, truth, and love. (Hey, I always wanted to be a hippie when I grew up!) While I expect there to be real, hard work to be done, I don’t foresee a lot of problems cropping up. I have reached a level of spirituality that is both comfortable and thrilling at the same time. I continue to learn and grow daily, and yet the work is easy, the burden is light!

5. Work: Seven of Pentacles – Time to review, assess, and learn from the progress I’ve made so far. If the Four of Swords is meditation, the Seven of Pentacles is meditative work, going beyond the basics and delving into the inner workings of the soul and its impressions over the world. A time of renewed growth, and knowing when to harvest and when to let things be. I need to learn from the past and move forward with the fruits of experience.

6. Work: The Wheel of Fortune X Rx – Time to take control of the wheel and make destiny work for me. Not satisfied with the way life buffers me about, I am to find my place and break out of the mundane cycles. Possibly pursuing a degree, or my own personal spiritual studies? Diving into the mind and psychology, mythology and occult spirituality. Letting my thoughts take center stage and allowing myself to write about the hidden things in my mind that I feared for so long would be ridiculed. To become a modern philosopher and record the spiritual truths still present but hidden in our self-made secular world.

7. Work: The Sun XIX – Does it count if my breakout experience occurred just now, as I was writing out my thoughts on the previous cards? I am to experience life freely, with no concern with what others think of me and my beliefs. To experience both joy and pain as a willing subject, so that I may learn deeper lessons and therefore have more knowledge to impart. To use the Sun’s radiant energy to rise above my inner blocks and seek higher levels of experience and knowledge.

8. Outcome: Five of Wands Rx – A more competitive, harder struggle than it first appears to be. More opposition, from unrecognized sources. Perhaps I will find unhappy readers of my blog who discount what I have to say. Or life will throw harder challenges at me, which will benefit my wisdom in the long run, yet will feel much more difficult than anything I have felt before. Of course, my inner blocks may loom larger than before, as I uncover more of my mind and what else is truly holding me back. Although it may be tough going, I will come out on top in time, with fierce determination and the will to fight for the truth.

9. Result: Ten of Wands – An overwhelming burden, which appears to be more than I can handle. They say that all knowledge is more than one person can contain. All of the inner truths can become jumbled up when held and interpreted by human hands, and may not clear up for quite a long time. I may grow weary from the fight, yet I know that this is my path, the one that I am meant to do.

While the work part of the spread (the middle three cards of the line) were particularly encouraging, I was still looking for more information about the Outcome and Result cards, both being difficult Wands cards. So I did decide to further the spread and add a second line.

Part Two: “What further information do I need to know about my spiritual path?”

Spiritual Work Spread Part 2

3. Past Experience: The World XXI Rx: While I’ve always had a deep desire to know spiritual truths, I often shirk the necessary work to get it done. Difficult experiences cause me to halt immediately, and look for easier paths. Without turning the World over and going full speed ahead, I will not make any further progress.

4. Expectations: Queen of Wands Rx: I tend to second guess myself considerably, and have an inner fear that whatever truths I uncover will turn out to be false. I do not want to lead others down the wrong path, and I do not want to be mislead. The fear of my immortal soul is still one of the few things that hang over me from my Christian roots. I also fear that I won’t have the strength or energy to continue to pursue my studies, and will falter once again.

5. Work: The Hierophant V – I am to be a spiritual guide to others, showing them the way and helping them find their own path. While humans are wont to make mistakes, it is not something I need to worry about. As long as I am being honest and forthright with others, and living my truths, all will be well. An act to help others will be rewarded, even if something goes awry.

6. Work: Ace of Cups – I am being given a gift of emotional growth, sympathy, and intuition. I am to treat it reverently, and with respect. I am to trust my emotions, and do what I know is right. To share in other people’s joys and sorrows, and be compassionate and caring. I am to allow the spirit to enter my life, and expand to all the corners of the world.

7. Work: Eight of Cups Rx – I am not to run when trouble comes. Personal fulfillment can only come through meaningful pursuits, and not leaving when apparent fulfillment has come. There is always more to learn, more to discover, and I am to plumb the depths of emotional and spiritual wisdom, even when times get tough.

8. Outcome: The Hanged Man XII – I will find a new spiritual perspective, one that requires personal sacrifice and choice. Perhaps my entire life will change as I grow spiritually. I will have new challenges to meet, ones that only I can take care of. While others may wish to help, only I can be the initiate and earn the scars that will take me deeper into the esoteric truths.

9. Result: Queen of Cups – My card! I will find great personal satisfaction in this creative endeavor, and have more wisdom about my emotions and spirituality. I will be able to create the life I want to live, while helping others and improving myself. I will find the freedom to look back on my past with sensitivity, and look forward to the challenges of the future.

The second line helped me considerably, to see where the potential struggles and burdens of the Wands cards might lie. The World reversed and Queen of Wands reversed show me that I have to push past my insecurities and pursue my spiritual studies no matter how uncomfortable I feel. The Eight of Cups reversed and Hanged Man indicate that I cannot run when trouble comes, but go through the whole process to reach greater spiritual heights.

How do you see your spiritual progress? Is there a particular Major card that you feel attuned with, or have you consulted the cards to see their opinion?


I decided to take a look at the past week’s most prevalent tarot influences, and create my own spread with them. This is one of the cases where keeping a tarot journal is very important and useful, so you can see your overall trends for any period of time. I keep mine on the computer, for easy updating and review. (Plus my handwriting isn’t the best, so I’m actually able to read my notes on the computer!)

The cards that came up most often (three times this week) form the top triangle of the Ace of Cups Rx, The High Priestess II, and The Tower XVI. Now, the Tower (along with a few other cards) came up both upright and reversed, so I put them sideways (or Sw) as a reminder to consider both interpretations.

The base of the triangle is formed by the cards that came up pretty frequently (twice this week). The Fool 0 and the Three of Pentacles appear here, as well as the Seven of Cups Sw and Two of Swords Sw.

To form the pentagram around the triangle, I looked at the overall trend of the tarot cards that I drew this week. I drew thirteen majors, so I used the corresponding card for the Spirit position, Death XIII. The other elements I put in order according to the amount of cards I drew this week, counterclockwise. For the Cups, the amount of cards added up to eleven, so I assigned the Page of Cups to it. You could also reduce the eleven down to two, or add up the numbers of each card and reduce it from there, if you would like to. I did not assign any reversals to these underlying influences, but you could come up with your own methods of assigning reversals as well.

Tarot Week In Review 10-29 11-4

The emotional upset I’ve been feeling (Ace of Cups Rx) is a direct result of my passivity (High Priestess)regarding potential disruptions and changes (The Tower Sw). While part of me craves new beginnings (Fool), especially in regards to my career (Three of Pentacles), I am easily overwhelmed by my options (Seven of Cups Sw). Also, the thought of upsetting the balance I’ve gained so far makes me anxious, and holds me back considerably (Two of Swords Sw).

Death reminds me that not all changes are life-shattering. Some things are the result of natural progression, and should be embraced. I need to cultivate an innocent enjoyment of life, like the Page of Cups. The Eight of Pentacles shows that the success I crave in my career will only result from hard work, hard choices, and sacrifices. The Seven of Wands shows that I do have the strength to defend my current position while striving for better things. And the Six of Swords shows that my journey in life is as much an internal, spiritual journey as it is a literal one. Until I face my inner struggles, I will not find the joy and success I crave in my outer life.

You could create this spread in any pattern you would like, depending on the number of cards that come up frequently for you. Do you have your own ways of reviewing your tarot progress? Share your ideas here.


About two months ago, I was feeling really drained and disoriented in my life. I consulted the tarot cards for the best steps to increasing my personal energy and reclaiming my life. This particular reading was very impressionistic to me, and I wrote it all out in keyword phrases. This sort of free association can take you deeper within the cards than you may normally reach by looking up the “textbook” meaning. Afterwards, I also let the images of the cards give me more practical, real world activities to take part in, and then I reduced all of my thoughts into simple affirmations for quick review.

Steps To Energy Tarot Spread

1. The Sun XIX

Be true to yourself, independent, carefree, Increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, self-love, doing what you love to do, Enjoy life, Have fun, Take advantage of all that life has to offer, be honest with yourself, explore yourself and what you truly enjoy

2.  The Tower XVI Rx

Allow things to change naturally, not explosively, don’t expect the worst to happen, be willing to rebuild and rework when necessary, don’t allow false facades to build up in the first place, explore new areas of interest, be in control of your destiny

3. Five of Pentacles

Keep things clean, tidy, and well-organized, know where everything is in your life, be willing to ask for help, enjoy the mundane tasks of life, do not be a victim, but instead be full of awareness of the world and the task at hand, walking meditation, let life be as it is, and as it comes

4. Six of Cups

Bathing and self-care, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, following your childhood passions and pleasures, appreciating the simple things with childlike curiosity, follow the natural flow of life, Sensuality and experience life fully

5. Queen of Pentacles Rx

Remember that life is both physical and spiritual, don’t get bogged down by worries and work, release your desire for stability and let yourself take wing, take flight with your passions and determination, give of yourself creatively and joyously, letting life provide what it will. Do what is best for you in the moment. Live life from moment to moment, not fretting about the future, and not letting it slip by unwelcomed and unappreciated into the past

General Impressions and Images

Horseback riding, travelling, sex, swimming, gardening, treasure hunting, bathing, enjoying the company of others, creating, writing, developing what makes me happy, not what will satisfy others, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, share your knowledge with others, don’t be attached to physical things and physical wealth, take time for self-reflection, self-knowledge, don’t be wrapped up in the past, make the most of your time on earth, be bold and adventurous even if it is in your chair writing, remain stubborn while seeking adventure, don’t let the past hold you back from the future, accept your mistakes as lessons, see yourself for the queen you truly are, not the imperfections in your mind, drop perfectionism, share your wealth and generous spirit with others

Basic Keywords

• Be Yourself
• Be Honest
• Be Walking Meditation
• Look Forward to the Future
• Use Roots to Fly

Let me know if this kind of reading appeals to you, or if you prefer more detailed, coherent responses. I find that this method tugs at the subconscious a little more strongly, whereas elaborate responses appeal more to my logical, reasoning mind.


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