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One thing you’ll learn about me is that I have issues with energy. While I may have creative bursts of inspiration, or animated conversations with my friends, you’ll never see me leaping out of bed to run a marathon at four in the morning. I am notorious for being tired, sleepy, zonked, or drained. I am almost never more than five feet away from my caffeine fix, whether it is coffee, soda, or energy drinks, which sadly don’t do the job either.

Yes, I could work with my chakras, or start doing yoga again, or even…*shudders* cut out the caffeine. My man swears that my problem is purely psychological, and that I should just roll out of bed at six and be done with it. So, let’s find out once and for all, and consult the cards to see what they have to say.

Multiple Solutions Spread

This new spread is ideal for problems that may have multiple causes, and therefore a combination of solutions. After shuffling and cutting the deck as normal, place the first card in the center as the core of the issue. Place the next five cards in a starburst pattern around the center card, starting at the top at working clockwise. The bottoms of the cards will face the center of the spread, while the tops are facing outward, for determining reversals.

Today’s spread will be done with the Deviant Moon tarot deck, which I have always found brings out the heart of the issue, along with subconscious influences. Plus, the images are simply phenomenal!

The Core: Strength XI Rx – What a great card to illustrate the lack of energy I’ve been feeling. Here, the strong man is wrestling with a huge, serpentine fish with huge teeth. He is holding the mouth open wide, looking into it. Reversed, it appears as if the fish is winning the fight, and the man is lying on his back in surrender. I have not been putting enough effort into boosting my energy. One difficulty, and I buckle over, succumbing to my tiredness. My willpower and focus have been weakened, and without breaking the cycle, it will only get worse.

Solution 1: Eight of Wands Rx РHere, a woman holds a great scythe, ready to cut down the wands before her. A crow flies overhead, delivering a note. Reversed, the large blade of the scythe is on top, and it becomes even more imperative for the woman to remove the wands, as they are blocking her progress. I have a lot of demands on my time and energy, which could well extend  past the 24 hours of the day if I let them! I need to simplify my life, and remain vigilant against burnout. I need to be careful what I say yes to, and remember my priorities in life, while taking time out for me.

Solution 2: Four of Swords Rx – A woman is resting in peace, literally under the ground! Three swords pierce the ground, while the four rests next to her. Reversed, the fourth sword appears to be jabbing her in the side, prompting her awake. I have been nursing this lack of energy for too long, and need to get moving. Time to break out the yoga and the exercise routine. I cannot let this drained feeling keep me down, or else it could easily turn into depression, something I’ve wrestled with before.

Solution 3: Temperance XIV Rx – An angel with metallic wings pours water between two vessels, creating a powerful synergy by balancing her life. Reversed, the water flows upward, unnaturally, disrupting the balance. While I may have a tenuous balance going right now, I need to shake things up to break out of the malaise. Also, whenever this card appears reversed, it’s a good time to look into proper nutrition and vitamins. I need to make sure my body is receiving the proper tools to encourage a good energy flow. More water, less coffee, and my multivitamin will help here. Creative jump starts will get the juices flowing again too, such as writing, drawing, or just playing with the kids. Anything to shake up the hum-drum of the day.

Solution 4: Six of Wands – The victor is on his pedestal, surrounded by his followers presenting their wands to him. He appears to be giving his acceptance speech, imparting his wisdom of “how I did it” to others. While victory may seem like an odd solution, this card has recently come up as my personal expectations. Visualizing success, believing that I have the energy and strength to combat any task, and expecting only the best out of myself. Time for positive affirmations and remembering how awesome it feels to be living with high amounts of energy.

Solution 5: Queen of Swords Rx – This lady is dressed in gold and red, wielding two swords. One is straight up as the sword of truth, and the other is angled with a drop of blood, as the sword of retribution. Reversed, the weight of the swords seem to threaten her more than anyone else, as her inner turmoil has no outlet, no victim. I need to look within and explore why I have such energy problems. Am I dragging my feet out of fear of success, or so that no one will expect much from me? Or did something happen in my life to weigh me down emotionally? Either way, I have to be careful not to beat myself up for inner hurts, and accept myself just as I am. I need to learn from the past and let it go, incorporating its pain into wisdom, strength, and energy.

Have any of you ever struggled with energy issues? What techniques helped you break out of the personal exhaustion?



Here’s one that just sprung out of my head: On a scale of 1-10, how much energy do I have? After shuffling and cutting the deck, draw until you draw a Major Arcana card. Count how many card it took to draw to get your “number.” The card itself will reflect the type of energy you possess at the moment. Reversals count as negative numbers, so watch out!

Ready? Here goes nothing, with my cherished Deviant Moon Tarot.

*drumroll please*

I didn’t even get a chance to draw, the World XXI leaped from my deck!¬† The Mermaid doing the Mamba, is always my first impression of this beautifully strange card. Two fish frame the top of the card, possibly the same two featured in the Fool card. The traditional wreath is replaced by a snake eating its tail, emulating the circular nature of life, death, and rebirth. The mutated lion and goat lay at the bottom, with snarling grins. The snake serves as a frame, a gateway between the barren wasteland background featured on many of the cards, and the industrial world within.

I am finally back online (hooray!) and, indeed, ready to take on the world. While my energy levels are a tad low today, thanks to my cold and the greyness of winter settling in, I am well on my way to whipping around her duel wands. She is beautiful, with flowing blue hair and a simple crown adorned with pearls. I am always drawn by her beauty, as if she were withholding some great secret. The truth of the matter is, there is no way to express what the world encompasses, but she lives it openly.

I couldn’t imagine a better card to express how I feel today. Everything in my life has built up to this moment, living my dreams and providing for my family and myself. (“All roads lead to Rome,” as they say, is my favorite catch phrase in life.) All the successes and failures add up to this very moment, where I am older, wiser, and ready to begin anew.

Give this a try, and let me know how your personal energy gauge turns out! This little exercise was far more insightful than I even suspected. The tarot cards never cease to surprise me.


P.S. For a little fun, try the Tarot Jigsaw Puzzles I found a little while ago. Too much fun, and helps you pay attention to the tiniest details of the cards.

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