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Here’s a quick overview of my month, as detailed by the Gilded Tarot! Let me know how your month is going so far.

November 2009 Tarot Trends

Week 1: Wheel of Fortune Rx

One of my most powerful cards lately! Instead of blindly clinging to the Wheel, I will be in a position to take control of my own destiny. I’ll grasp life by the horns, and make my life work for me. What a way to start the month! I’ll be taking responsibility for what happens to me and my family, and doing things to improve our situation. Thriving instead of just surviving is a fantastic feeling, one I hope to be enjoying soon.

Week 2: Six of Swords

A difficult transition, coming to terms with what has happened in the past and where I will go from here. I see this as a lonely path, one outside the normal flow of life. “Strangers and pilgrims in this world,” — observing life from the outside and realizing that my journey is vitally different than everyone else’s. I will be pursuing a new situation, one outside of the rat race and the realm of so-called “normalcy.” This may be a lonely path, yet it is one that I feel comfortable with, as I have felt like an outsider my entire life. Reconnecting with the flow of my soul, and following its call.

Week 3: Ten of Cups

A time of familial abundance and support, where I can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. My family is always supportive of me in all my endeavors, and at this point I will be able to reconnect and appreciate all they do for me. My writing at home is a key point here, as my man is making sacrifices to make sure that I have enough time to go to the library and post my blogs. Also a time of personal and group fulfillment, as the connections I make with others during this time will bring me great satisfaction. Probably a good time to delve deeper into the online tarot community, and invite them to share in my writings here.

Week 4: Two of Swords

Striking a balance between all of the conflicting areas of my life. While the less pleasant aspects of stalemates and blocks may very well crop up, my first impression was more of a quiet point in my life. Making sure that all areas of my life are in the proper balance, and are being attended to. Also, the build up of pressure from opposing sides, and the need for me to make a permanent decision. Which path will I choose for my life? Will I be able to follow it through? Making that kind of commitment can be tough, and sometimes the Two of Swords energy is needed to give ample time and space to work through the pros and cons of such a decision.

It looks like November is going to be an exhilarating month for me! So far, I have been finding my place on the Wheel, and enjoying the ride, as tiring as it has been. What energies do you feel aligning for you this month?



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