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In honor of Thanksgiving, I created a quick spread to illustrate some of the things I have to be grateful for. These may be areas I’ve neglected to appreciate, or ones that I am well aware have helped me over the past year. This is a simple five card spread with the Deviant Moon , in a small arch just like the “turkeys” drawn by tracing your hand when I was in elementary school.

Tarot Gratitude Spread

Gratitude Tarot Spread

1. Seven of Swords Rx: This card is the sword eater who just can’t seem to pull it off right! Five swords lay at his feet, while he balances two swords tied together on his feet, trying to use gravity to ease the process. Especially reversed, this card is the “trouble I create for myself!” In its best light, it is creative solutions to problems, and innocent mischief. At worst, it can be betrayal, cheating, or hurting others. How to be grateful for this? Well, just like on any TV sitcom, any problem that I get myself into, I can get myself out of, no matter how convoluted. I can use my creative thinking to make it happen, and beat the odds in the strangest ways! A good quality to have when life gets tough.

2. The Tower XVI: “Dramatic and often unwelcome change!” This major instability has been a huge player in my life over the past year. I know I haven’t been as grateful as I should for this one! Yet change is the nature of the world, even total upheaval. Natural forest fires, while devestating, pave the way for new growth. And the lightning bolt from the heavens clears out unhealthy preconceptions, allowing for new thought and deeper insights to blossom. While it has been rough going, the Tower’s influence has definitely brought me where I am today.

3. The Magician I: The masculine life force, action, power, the ability to do what needs to be done. To pick a tool, and use it to its full effectiveness. No matter what situation I’ve been in lately, I do what needs to be done to support myself and my family. I have the ability to make life happen, and although living in the masculine energy is difficult when I’m a female, it is worth the cost. I am grateful that I am capable of this high activity lifestyle; if I were a more passive person, then we would be in a far worse situation.

4. The Emperor IV: What a stern card to be grateful for! He is control, organization, the world regulated to proper procedures and social mores. Yet without this control, chaos would ensue. In my life, if I do not keep a tight rein on my emotions and impulses, I could easily burn out by overwhelming myself with responsibilities and pleasures as well. In this card, his scepter rests on a red, demonish creature. I am glad that my personal demons are under his control, not running around to make things difficult for me.

5. The Sun XIX: Finally, a truly happy card to be grateful for! This is the card of epiphanies, of truly finding yourself and your personal fulfillment. I believe this has finally come to light by pursuing my love of tarot. This can be self-improvement or personal growth as well, and I know that the past year has brought many improvements into my life. I am learning to enjoy life, thorns and all, and am coming to terms with the apparently conflicted areas of myself.

What do you have to be grateful for this year? Overall, I am to be grateful for my trials, and my personal strength and ability to overcome with creativity and power. Share your thanksgiving reflections here in the comments!



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