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Tarot ReadingsThis is the space where I am offering tarot readings. Payment can be made through Paypal to my main email address, Also, please subscribe to my blog so that when opportunities to receive free readings arise, you will be the first to know. Thank you!

All tarot readings will be done by email, unless other arrangements need to be made. Please email me with your question at and your reading will be completed and emailed back within 24 hours. A picture of the cards drawn will also be sent as an attachment.

Please email me back if you have questions or concerns about your tarot reading! I am here to help, and will not be satisfied until you are. You may also request a refund at any time if you are not completely satisfied. No questions asked.

One Card Tarot Spread: The Heart of the Matter $5.00 USD

This simple tarot spread allows for a single snapshot of your current situation. While all the minute details may not be touched upon, the overall tone and environment of your dilemma will be addressed. I will also provide guidance as to what your next steps could be, based on the tarot card drawn.

Three Card Tarot Spread: Telling the Story $15.00 USD

This three part tarot reading shows the influences in your life that are adding up to your current problems. Past choices and patterns manifest themselves in today’s conflicts. Today’s choices will often lead to future issues. Your hopes and fears for the past and the future may even change your current course! These three cards will show you the current forces warring for your attention, and show you whether or not you are headed in the desired direction.

Five Card Tarot Spread: Personal Barometer $25.00 USD

There are five elements within the tarot cards: fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. In today’s world, these aspects show up as actions, feelings, thoughts, possessions, and soul. See how you measure up, and which areas require personal attention. Define your personal goals and find the way that will bring you more personal fulfillment.

Other Spreads: TBD

If you have a special request, or desire more detailed and personalized readings than are available here, please email me! I would be happy to create a special tarot reading just for you.

My goal is your personal satisfaction and spiritual growth. With all readings, feedback is very much appreciated! Let me know how I can serve you better on the tarot path.



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