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The Six of Pentacles is not one of my favorite cards. Whenever I draw this card, whether reversed or upright, I know I’m facing a difficult day! Finances are out of whack, and I spend much of the time trying to make ends meet. I’m trying to strike a balance in my life, which always seems precariously out of reach. It is very frustrating!

So, in an effort to see what message the Six of Pentacles holds for me, I’m going to do a Celtic Cross spread with the Fenestra Tarot. My query: “What do I need to know about the Six of Pentacles energy in my life?” I’m going to use the Six of Pentacles as the Significator card, something I rarely use.

Six Of Pentacles Energy Cross

1. You: The High Priestess II – I have been letting life happen to me, completely open and passive towards everything that has happened. Not being an active force, commanding the situation or making positive changes. Just simply reflecting and accepting what happens without doing anything about it.

2. Crossing: Six of Cups – I have been acting as a child, not fully responsible for my actions and reactions to life. Depending on my parents and outside help. Not standing on my own two feet, and instead wishing that I had an escape to a life of ease and unrestrained freedom. Still seeing myself as a dependent child, instead of a confident adult.

3. Foundation: Nine of Swords Rx – I have experienced many worry-filled nights, since I was a child, as my parents’ finances were never terribly stable. Mom was an expert at stretching bills and getting things covered by the skin of her teeth. I am not as adept at this, and am struggling much more than they did. This shadow of experiential knowledge has not served me well, and I would do better by learning a new way to manage my finances. I also harbor an internal shame, at the fact that I do not come from a wealthier start, and I always struggle to make things better. Yet my internal blocks keep pulling me back from following through on my noble efforts. Yet the fear of losing it all is very real, and my bills will not go away by ignoring them!

4. Past: Knight of Wands – I have pursued different avenues of breaking out of my current situation, with all the initial enthusiasm of the Knight of Wands. Yet the first sign of opposition, and I fall to pieces. Being blocked does not inspire me to push on, rather I give up and try another avenue. All of these false starts add up to a very dissatisfying situation, with a lot of wasted resources.

5. Present: Seven of Cups – The sheer amount of options available to me are overwhelming. A new or additional job, a new place to live, selling off old items I no longer need, or simply waiting for things to change. Making a budget, tracking my expenses, or playing it by ear. That’s seven right there, and I’m sure I could come up with more! Not knowing the best path drives me crazy, and yet without choosing one, I surely will not succeed.

6. Future: The Moon XVIII Rx – I am not facing the realities of my situation. If that continues, I will lose sight of my intuition, and the truth about everything. I will continue to create busywork and false starts, and become closed off from what I know is right. Ignoring the dark instead of embracing it will only lead to more chaos and confusion.

7. Self: The Fool 0 – It feels like I keep jumping off of cliffs, one after another, and I’m getting nowhere! The fool here is more reckless and wild, jumping for the sheer thrill of a new avenue, and not accomplishing much. More false starts, without tying up the loose ends of previous endeavors. I am starting over again, and need to follow through with my good intentions.

8. Environment: The Tower XVI Rx – A very oppressive environment, where things are shook up yet without a release in sight. While impossible to ignore, I’m trying to shelter myself from the chaos, and not meeting with much success. I’m still holding on, just barely, and not embracing the change.

9. Hopes and Fears: Two of Swords – One part of me wants to keep the balance in check, and maintain what I already have. Not losing any bit of it, no matter how unfulfilling it is. The other part is afraid of what would happen if I did let go, and try to find a new situation entirely. The stalemate is unfulfilling, yet it is all I know. Escape from my comfort zone is both exhilarating and terrifying.

10. Outcome: Ten of Wands Rx – The sheer weight of the burdens I carry will be released soon. One way or the other, something is going to give. It is up to me whether I maintain the status quo, or break out into a new life, with more fulfillment, stability, and joy. The burden is heavy, but it is one that I carry willingly, with great love for my family. Every action I take is for the betterment of my household, and whether that means carrying the wands further, or seeking a new path, I will do what it takes to survive.

Now this is an interesting spread, considering not a single Pentacle popped up to meet the Six of Pentacles energy. This means that, while my problems appear in the material world, their roots are deep within me instead.

The High Priestess is the difference between the card upright and reversed, at least in my life. Upright, I passively accept the situation, while reversed, I take a more active approach like the Knight of Wands, scrambling to set things right. The Six of Cups is a very appropriate card, although it doesn’t appear so at first glance. Until I make up my mind to be a responsible adult and stop looking to the past for answers (Nine of Swords Rx), I won’t find the proper balance within the Six of Pentacles. The Moon shows that I must make up my mind (Seven of Cups) to deliberately seek out and trust my intuition, or else I will lose that ability, and things will fall apart. The Tower reversed almost feels like a bubbling volcano, getting ready to let loose its fury. The stuckness of the Six of Pentacles cannot last forever, and it is up to me to know when to leap (The Fool) and when to stay put (Two of Swords). The choice is mine, but I have no choice but to choose, as it will not be long before I collapse from the weight of my burdens (Ten of Wands Rx).

I find that doing tarot readings on complex cards, or on cards that are appearing very frequently in my life, can unlock new layers of meaning. Have you found any unexpected insights from taking a card and making it the focus of a new spread?



I decided to take a look at the past week’s most prevalent tarot influences, and create my own spread with them. This is one of the cases where keeping a tarot journal is very important and useful, so you can see your overall trends for any period of time. I keep mine on the computer, for easy updating and review. (Plus my handwriting isn’t the best, so I’m actually able to read my notes on the computer!)

The cards that came up most often (three times this week) form the top triangle of the Ace of Cups Rx, The High Priestess II, and The Tower XVI. Now, the Tower (along with a few other cards) came up both upright and reversed, so I put them sideways (or Sw) as a reminder to consider both interpretations.

The base of the triangle is formed by the cards that came up pretty frequently (twice this week). The Fool 0 and the Three of Pentacles appear here, as well as the Seven of Cups Sw and Two of Swords Sw.

To form the pentagram around the triangle, I looked at the overall trend of the tarot cards that I drew this week. I drew thirteen majors, so I used the corresponding card for the Spirit position, Death XIII. The other elements I put in order according to the amount of cards I drew this week, counterclockwise. For the Cups, the amount of cards added up to eleven, so I assigned the Page of Cups to it. You could also reduce the eleven down to two, or add up the numbers of each card and reduce it from there, if you would like to. I did not assign any reversals to these underlying influences, but you could come up with your own methods of assigning reversals as well.

Tarot Week In Review 10-29 11-4

The emotional upset I’ve been feeling (Ace of Cups Rx) is a direct result of my passivity (High Priestess)regarding potential disruptions and changes (The Tower Sw). While part of me craves new beginnings (Fool), especially in regards to my career (Three of Pentacles), I am easily overwhelmed by my options (Seven of Cups Sw). Also, the thought of upsetting the balance I’ve gained so far makes me anxious, and holds me back considerably (Two of Swords Sw).

Death reminds me that not all changes are life-shattering. Some things are the result of natural progression, and should be embraced. I need to cultivate an innocent enjoyment of life, like the Page of Cups. The Eight of Pentacles shows that the success I crave in my career will only result from hard work, hard choices, and sacrifices. The Seven of Wands shows that I do have the strength to defend my current position while striving for better things. And the Six of Swords shows that my journey in life is as much an internal, spiritual journey as it is a literal one. Until I face my inner struggles, I will not find the joy and success I crave in my outer life.

You could create this spread in any pattern you would like, depending on the number of cards that come up frequently for you. Do you have your own ways of reviewing your tarot progress? Share your ideas here.


About two months ago, I was feeling really drained and disoriented in my life. I consulted the tarot cards for the best steps to increasing my personal energy and reclaiming my life. This particular reading was very impressionistic to me, and I wrote it all out in keyword phrases. This sort of free association can take you deeper within the cards than you may normally reach by looking up the “textbook” meaning. Afterwards, I also let the images of the cards give me more practical, real world activities to take part in, and then I reduced all of my thoughts into simple affirmations for quick review.

Steps To Energy Tarot Spread

1. The Sun XIX

Be true to yourself, independent, carefree, Increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, self-love, doing what you love to do, Enjoy life, Have fun, Take advantage of all that life has to offer, be honest with yourself, explore yourself and what you truly enjoy

2.  The Tower XVI Rx

Allow things to change naturally, not explosively, don’t expect the worst to happen, be willing to rebuild and rework when necessary, don’t allow false facades to build up in the first place, explore new areas of interest, be in control of your destiny

3. Five of Pentacles

Keep things clean, tidy, and well-organized, know where everything is in your life, be willing to ask for help, enjoy the mundane tasks of life, do not be a victim, but instead be full of awareness of the world and the task at hand, walking meditation, let life be as it is, and as it comes

4. Six of Cups

Bathing and self-care, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, following your childhood passions and pleasures, appreciating the simple things with childlike curiosity, follow the natural flow of life, Sensuality and experience life fully

5. Queen of Pentacles Rx

Remember that life is both physical and spiritual, don’t get bogged down by worries and work, release your desire for stability and let yourself take wing, take flight with your passions and determination, give of yourself creatively and joyously, letting life provide what it will. Do what is best for you in the moment. Live life from moment to moment, not fretting about the future, and not letting it slip by unwelcomed and unappreciated into the past

General Impressions and Images

Horseback riding, travelling, sex, swimming, gardening, treasure hunting, bathing, enjoying the company of others, creating, writing, developing what makes me happy, not what will satisfy others, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, share your knowledge with others, don’t be attached to physical things and physical wealth, take time for self-reflection, self-knowledge, don’t be wrapped up in the past, make the most of your time on earth, be bold and adventurous even if it is in your chair writing, remain stubborn while seeking adventure, don’t let the past hold you back from the future, accept your mistakes as lessons, see yourself for the queen you truly are, not the imperfections in your mind, drop perfectionism, share your wealth and generous spirit with others

Basic Keywords

• Be Yourself
• Be Honest
• Be Walking Meditation
• Look Forward to the Future
• Use Roots to Fly

Let me know if this kind of reading appeals to you, or if you prefer more detailed, coherent responses. I find that this method tugs at the subconscious a little more strongly, whereas elaborate responses appeal more to my logical, reasoning mind.


Here’s a quick overview of my month, as detailed by the Gilded Tarot! Let me know how your month is going so far.

November 2009 Tarot Trends

Week 1: Wheel of Fortune Rx

One of my most powerful cards lately! Instead of blindly clinging to the Wheel, I will be in a position to take control of my own destiny. I’ll grasp life by the horns, and make my life work for me. What a way to start the month! I’ll be taking responsibility for what happens to me and my family, and doing things to improve our situation. Thriving instead of just surviving is a fantastic feeling, one I hope to be enjoying soon.

Week 2: Six of Swords

A difficult transition, coming to terms with what has happened in the past and where I will go from here. I see this as a lonely path, one outside the normal flow of life. “Strangers and pilgrims in this world,” — observing life from the outside and realizing that my journey is vitally different than everyone else’s. I will be pursuing a new situation, one outside of the rat race and the realm of so-called “normalcy.” This may be a lonely path, yet it is one that I feel comfortable with, as I have felt like an outsider my entire life. Reconnecting with the flow of my soul, and following its call.

Week 3: Ten of Cups

A time of familial abundance and support, where I can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. My family is always supportive of me in all my endeavors, and at this point I will be able to reconnect and appreciate all they do for me. My writing at home is a key point here, as my man is making sacrifices to make sure that I have enough time to go to the library and post my blogs. Also a time of personal and group fulfillment, as the connections I make with others during this time will bring me great satisfaction. Probably a good time to delve deeper into the online tarot community, and invite them to share in my writings here.

Week 4: Two of Swords

Striking a balance between all of the conflicting areas of my life. While the less pleasant aspects of stalemates and blocks may very well crop up, my first impression was more of a quiet point in my life. Making sure that all areas of my life are in the proper balance, and are being attended to. Also, the build up of pressure from opposing sides, and the need for me to make a permanent decision. Which path will I choose for my life? Will I be able to follow it through? Making that kind of commitment can be tough, and sometimes the Two of Swords energy is needed to give ample time and space to work through the pros and cons of such a decision.

It looks like November is going to be an exhilarating month for me! So far, I have been finding my place on the Wheel, and enjoying the ride, as tiring as it has been. What energies do you feel aligning for you this month?


The Hierophant V - Spirtual Guide

The High Priest, the Shaman, the Judge, the Medicine Man — these are some of the names that the Hierophant V has taken in the course of human history. As the spiritual leader of society, he was sought out frequently by his community to solve all manner of problems, from civil disputes to relationship issues. At the core of his decision making was the true spiritual way, what was the right course of action from a divine standpoint. This spiritual knowledge was said to be bestowed by God himself, and often had to be acquired or renewed by performing unique rituals. This communion was often considered dangerous, and only fit for the most revered members of the priesthood, definitely not for the population at large. As has been said before, the Hierophants in society were the link between the common folk and the divine, and they did all the hard work so the people would not have to. Tarot readers also serve in this capacity, by guiding others along their spiritual path.

The Hierophant is the flip side of the coin to the High Priestess II. While she is the keeper of arcane secrets, he is the one that doles out the message. What good is it to acquire all knowledge, without sharing it? While she guards the way to the unconscious land of the Moon XVIII, the Hierophant preaches the wisdom to be gained there. In the real world, these divine messages may become corrupted in translation, as it is nigh impossible to describe spiritual truths in a way that inexperienced people can comprehend. How do you describe music to a deaf person, or mathematics to a flea? Without traversing the watery depths of the Moon, you are only receiving secondhand knowledge from the Hierophant, and clumsily attempting to live according to his message. You are following the form without the experiential knowledge to back it up. At his best, the Hierophant spreads his message to give a glimpse of what can be achieved, to encourage you to follow your own spiritual journey.

The Hierophant is also connected to the Devil XV. You cannot have light without darkness, and the Devil’s temptations and base impulses naturally tug at the Hierophant’s holy ways. While the Hierophant shows you the best paths through your life, the Devil shows you the dark avenues and shadowy shortcuts. While everyone struggles with the Devil’s “sins”, they do so because they have already been indoctrinated with the Hierophant’s truths. You cannot resist temptation without already knowing the difference between right and wrong, and the Hierophant serves as a baseline from which to weigh your options and do what you know is right. When you do succumb to the Devil, your guilt stems from the Hierophant’s influence as well. Only by bringing these two cards into the proper balance can you learn to find your own truths, and not rely on that given to you by others. That is why the Devil is so close to the Star, Moon, and Sun cards, because we cannot find our own way until we face temptation squarely, shatter our stability and illusions in the Tower, and explore the truth for ourselves.

In the Minor Arcana, we see the Hierophant’s influence in each of the fives. In the Five of Cups, the figure is in deep despair, as he has suffered some great loss. Over half of his cups are toppled over, and he can do nothing more than mourn his loss. At this point in life, a spiritual counselor is often sought out, so we may regroup and figure out what our next course of action is. The Hierophant serves this role with divine compassion, reminding us of the circular progression of life, and that “this too shall pass.” He reminds us that there is a loving force in the universe, and we are not forgotten, despite the intense brutality of this world.

The Five of Pentacles portrays a less pleasant view of the Hierophant’s influence. The figures here are sick and infirm, walking past a church that offers them no hope. Whether they have turned away from the Hierophant, or he has turned from them, it is not clear. Either way, divine light is minimized to a glimmer through a stained glass window, and the people are on their own. As religious truth is in constant danger of falling into formalized rituals without meaning, so are we in danger of tossing out any spiritual truth that does not fall within our preconceived expectations of what the truth is. Remember that truth can come just as easily from a begging Tibetan monk as it can from a High Priest in all his formal regalia. Also, a pairing of these cards appeared in a reading as a codependent relationship. One partner held all of the power (as the Hierophant), and the other depended on him for everything (as the Five of Pentacles). This suggests that the relationship between these cards is highly strained, whether it is through too much distance or too much reliance on each other.

The Five of Wands is the card of competition and struggle, and the Hierophant’s role is less obvious, yet still visible here. The five men are all fighting for the same prize, whether it be land, title, or role. None of them have any visible advantage, and they seem to be enjoying the fight. This suggests sports competitions, where all the players know the rules of the game, yet still struggle to win within the limitations, while remaining good and just people. The Hierophant here is the rule-keeper, the referee. He instills all the information needed to play the game of life fairly, and it is up to us to play by the rules and earn our way to the top. This also suggests job interviews, where a group of people follow the guidelines and strive to succeed without hurting their competitors in the process. The Hierophant allows us to be good people, while going after what we want.

The Five of Swords breaks out into full blown warfare, with winners, losers, and neutral observers. Even in warfare there are established rules of war that are agreed upon and cannot be broken, reinforcing the Hierophant’s fair play and established order amidst chaos. However, it introduces another aspect: the holy war. What is worth fighting for, and what is better to walk away from? Are you the crusading attacker, going after what is rightfully yours, or the wise peacemaker who retreats to fight another day? Or do you simply lay down your sword and find a new battle, one with players who respect the rules and refuse to fight over petty, meaningless issues? The Hierophant gives you a belief system that can support you well, and sets a standard of what is worthwhile in your life. It is his influence that prods the Good Samaritan to help the downtrodden, rather than ignoring their plight and keeping to his own affairs.

Personally, I have drawn the Hierophant frequently when considering my own path in this life. I am to be a spiritual guide to others, illuminating the path with the tarot cards. Have any of you had the Hierophant appear in this capacity? What other insights have you had when dealing with this card?


My current concerns lately have been about finances. We have been having a rough time of late, and rent is once again falling behind. On the 29th, I asked the Gilded Tarot a few open ended questions about the current situation and my available options, shuffling between each question. I call this “organic tarot,” where the questions emerge from the reading itself.

Financial Situation Tarot Spread

My first question was “What do I need to know about the current situation?” I drew the Ace of Cups reversed, which most simply means “troubled waters.”

“A golden body of water gently rocks above the cloudy horizon. A large, golden, ornate grail floats upside down, supporting the ocean. Triune rays of light point up from a single blue eye below. The phases of the moon transition from full to waning amongst the sparse stars. The cup looks uneven as one beam of light reflects along its right edge.”

Everything is up in the air,in disharmony. I am feeling completely swamped, and at a loss as to what to do next. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to gather the money, let alone when. I have so many potential options, and I feel as though I have been grasping at straws without following through on any of them. Everything is falling apart, and driving me crazy with stress and pain. Hoping for a miracle, but looking for a straightforward plan of action. So I asked the tarot cards “What advice do I need for this situation?” I drew the Seven of Cups reversed next.

“Again, an ocean of water over a cloudy sky, although this one is blue instead of starry. Seven golden cups present a variety of opportunities. Green leaves, a white dove, water bubbles, a rainbow, sparkling stars, fire, and light emanate from each cup.”

Upright, this card is about daydreaming and being overwhelmed by options. Reversed, it is about choosing one option and following through to completion. Now is not the time for overwhelm, nor for constant flitting between options. As long as I follow through on one thing, progress will be made. Also, do not be afraid of making a choice without knowing how it will turn out. Nothing is completely certain, and all we can do is our best, no matter what.

Yet despite this knowledge, I wanted to know which option to choose. “What would be the best choice in this situation?” Imagine my surprise and frustration when the Ace of Cups reversed appeared again! At first, it appeared that the best choice would be the most difficult one of those available. Yet after studying the card more intently, I realized there was more beneath its watery surface. Problems befall everyone in life, and sometimes simple acceptance of the difficulty will bring relief, because you are not struggling needlessly. Also, sometimes there isn’t a perfect answer, and just doing what can be done is all there is. Progress instead of perfection is a worthy and noble goal, even in the apparently cut-and-dry world of finances.

I was still looking for an outcome to this situation. Were things looking up, or should I start packing our belongings now? For my outcome, I drew the lovely Fool.

“The multicolored jester juggles the zodiac in his hands. He balances on a rod with a hoop around it. The waxing moon is behind him in the cloudy sky.”

The fool is ready for anything that life has to offer him! He jumps in headfirst, with a great love of life. No matter what happens, it will be a grand adventure. As an outcome, it is a powerful renewal and breakaway from the constant worry, stress and pessimism. Only bold, powerful choices are ahead, and it is up to me to grasp the opportunities as they arise. Following my intuition and feelings is the best option for me, what I personally believe will be the ideal choice. I have nothing to fear, everything will work out for the best.

For the record, I have since worked out a solution with the landlord. Pay what I can now, and the rest on the third. Not an ideal solution for either party, as he hates dealing with partial payments, and so do I. But at the moment it is enough, although still very tight. I have also renewed my online writing career, although since I’m only able to be online at library, it is very limited right now. Yet I am on my way to bigger and better things, one step at a time.

Do you see any additional insights in these cards? Have you faced a similar situation, and how did the cards guide you through? Share your tarot wisdom here.


Have you ever struggled with a particular area of your life, and consulted the cards time and again on the best course of action? I know I have! Sometimes, the cards start to blend together, especially when it is on the same topic in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, there are times when you’ve looked at a situation from so many different perspectives, that you already feel like you know what answers the tarot cards are going to give you!

When this happened to me, I developed a special tarot reading technique to compare and contrast my own thoughts about the situation versus what the cards were trying to reveal to me. The situation was, in fact, my writing goals. While I have loved writing since childhood, I have had a difficult time pursuing my goals. I got in my own way, and made some clumsy and foolhardy mistakes. Trying to recover from this setback has been a spiritually grueling process, and I have discovered a lot about myself and my blocks in the process.

Since I already had strong preconceived notions about my writing goals, I pulled out the “Double Play” tarot spread technique. I created a simple spread, six positions with my concerns about the situation. Here’s the twist: before drawing any cards, I thumbed through the deck and pulled the cards that I believed best reflected my situation. I wrote each one down, along with why I thought they were the best fit. Then I shuffled thoroughly and drew as normal. This allowed me to break past my own thoughts and compare where things aligned and where they deviated.

The Situation: “What is the best path to pursuing my writing goals?”


1.  The Situation
2. My Role
3. How to Set Goals
4. How to Plan Daily Routine
5. How to Overcome Obstacles
6. Outcome

My Choices:

Double Play Tarot Spread 1

1. Two of Swords – Stuck in a stalemate, unable to reach a compromise or decision
2. Seven of Cups – Lost in Illusions, Not making any progress
3. King of Swords – Pursue what I want and go after it tirelessly
4. Temperance XIV – Strike a balance with work/home life
5. The Moon XVIII – Explore the blockage and break free
6. Queen of Wands – Strong, confident, energized, able to do whatever it takes to pursue my goals

I felt extremely stuck when I drew these cards! Having a burning desire to write can consume a person if it is not properly released. Yet with a hectic life and very little free time, it can be easy to stand in your own way. I knew I needed Temperance’s balanced influence, yet each time I tried to balance, I felt like I was standing on my head! I also felt the desire to explore my inner blockages, to unlock the creative influence of the Moon. More than anything, I wanted the Queen of Wands! Her firey energy can empower anyone and push them along to reach their dreams.

Actual Draw:

Double Play Tarot Spread 2

1. Seven of Wands Rx – Indecisive, Anxiety, Embarrassment
2. The Moon XVIII Rx – Struggling against the Subconscious, Not facing fears, Not finding peace
3. Eight of Pentacles Rx – Frustration, Unfulfilled Ambition, Unsatisfying work, Looking not at success but at the necessary work
4. Queen of Wands Rx – Plan for crisis and disaster, follow natural impulses, Avoid bitterness
5. Ten of Pentacles Rx – taking risks, avoiding impatience, wildness to maintain balance
6. Wheel of Fortune X – Change in circumstances, Adaptation to Change, Greater Understanding of Life

The Seven of Wands reversed shows that what I believed was an internal stalemate was actually an anxiety-driven block leaving me unable to act. I felt very embarrassed by my setbacks, and took them internally as a personal failure, whereas these mistakes are simple learning tools to grow from. The Moon was reversed this time, indicating that I had not yet done the spiritual work to make any progress. My heightened frustration was illustrated beautifully in the Eight of Pentacles reversed. The Queen of Wands also appeared reversed, but in the Daily Routine position. Rather than plan a carefully orchestrated balance, I needed to follow my impulses while taking care to get things done early, before disaster can strike! I also needed to follow my wilder side, by taking calculated risks and getting out of my shell (I’m a Cancer) as the Ten of Pentacles suggests. This will bring a new cycle in my life, a period of change and growth via the Wheel of Fortune.

So far, so good! I’ve done some tarot meditation sessions, and faced some huge fears that I didn’t even know I had with the Moon. I’m also taking a risk right now, by attempting to create a blog even without constant internet service at home. I’m breaking out of my old patterns, and allowing myself to let go of my past mistakes, and head boldly toward whatever the future might bring.

Have you tried to illustrate your own situation by picking your own tarot cards? Did comparing and contrasting cards add to your understanding of the situation? Your thoughts are always welcome here.


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