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If you ever feel like you are “going with the flow” in life, and just coasting down life’s river, then the Life Stream Tarot Spread can help you take control of your direction! It has two rows, that flow up and down, like a river. Let’s take a quick look at my life stream, which has had its share of rocks and waterfalls lately!

1. Where You Are Now –  Six of Wands – Now this is *not* the card I expected here! I do not feel victorious right now, as my life has been one of upheaval and difficult growth lately. Yet the figure is surrounded by his supporters, who can be seen as pledging their allegiance to him. I have a strong network of supporting, loving friends, who have been helping me through this difficult time, each in their own way. I am starting to feel the culmination of their support, as things are creeping ever closer to getting better. In this position, the six of wands is giving me a glimmer of hope, as I am so close to the success I crave.

2. Internal Influences – King of Wands – I have been the intuitive recluse lately! Besides taking a few days off from tarot, I’ve been examining my own inner workings. Dealing with anxiety, blocks, and other mental and emotional processes. I’ve been looking for a path in the dark, and writing up action plans that may or may not pan out. I could easily see this king writing up battle strategies in his war room, going over each possible tactic and tossing out the ones that don’t seem quite right to him.

3. External Influences – Queen of Cups Rx – Results have not yet been forthcoming, despite my meager efforts. I’ve been creatively frustrated, and the Muse has left me high and dry! I’ve also been feeling a tad depressed, stressed, and angry. My dear friends, while supportive, have not been coddling or overly sympathetic. They are a more action-driven bunch, coming up with possible solutions while allowing me to have my personal space to heal. What would I do without them?

4. Where You Want To Go – The Empress III – I want to embrace her love of life, and overabundant creativity! I want to enjoy the fruits of my creative labor, and taste the simplicity of a life well lived. I want my writing to take off, and to earn a decent living from it. I want to be able to enjoy my family, while providing for them. What a great card to have as a personal goal!

5. How To Get There – Eight of Wands – One of my least favorite cards! (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.) The eight of wands is all about action. Go, go, go, without a moment to lose! Press on, the journey is long, and the arrows are flying all around you. You can make it, as long as you aren’t standing still. Movement, energy, and action will bring me success!

Overall, there’s a lot of positive energy flowing here. The wands are all pointing me in a healthy, prosperous direction. The ladies are indicating my support systems, and remind me that I am capable of my own success, and also my own failures. As long as I work hard, there’s nothing that can get in my way.

If you try this tarot spread out, let me know! I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and more.



One thing you’ll learn about me is that I have issues with energy. While I may have creative bursts of inspiration, or animated conversations with my friends, you’ll never see me leaping out of bed to run a marathon at four in the morning. I am notorious for being tired, sleepy, zonked, or drained. I am almost never more than five feet away from my caffeine fix, whether it is coffee, soda, or energy drinks, which sadly don’t do the job either.

Yes, I could work with my chakras, or start doing yoga again, or even…*shudders* cut out the caffeine. My man swears that my problem is purely psychological, and that I should just roll out of bed at six and be done with it. So, let’s find out once and for all, and consult the cards to see what they have to say.

Multiple Solutions Spread

This new spread is ideal for problems that may have multiple causes, and therefore a combination of solutions. After shuffling and cutting the deck as normal, place the first card in the center as the core of the issue. Place the next five cards in a starburst pattern around the center card, starting at the top at working clockwise. The bottoms of the cards will face the center of the spread, while the tops are facing outward, for determining reversals.

Today’s spread will be done with the Deviant Moon tarot deck, which I have always found brings out the heart of the issue, along with subconscious influences. Plus, the images are simply phenomenal!

The Core: Strength XI Rx – What a great card to illustrate the lack of energy I’ve been feeling. Here, the strong man is wrestling with a huge, serpentine fish with huge teeth. He is holding the mouth open wide, looking into it. Reversed, it appears as if the fish is winning the fight, and the man is lying on his back in surrender. I have not been putting enough effort into boosting my energy. One difficulty, and I buckle over, succumbing to my tiredness. My willpower and focus have been weakened, and without breaking the cycle, it will only get worse.

Solution 1: Eight of Wands Rx – Here, a woman holds a great scythe, ready to cut down the wands before her. A crow flies overhead, delivering a note. Reversed, the large blade of the scythe is on top, and it becomes even more imperative for the woman to remove the wands, as they are blocking her progress. I have a lot of demands on my time and energy, which could well extend  past the 24 hours of the day if I let them! I need to simplify my life, and remain vigilant against burnout. I need to be careful what I say yes to, and remember my priorities in life, while taking time out for me.

Solution 2: Four of Swords Rx – A woman is resting in peace, literally under the ground! Three swords pierce the ground, while the four rests next to her. Reversed, the fourth sword appears to be jabbing her in the side, prompting her awake. I have been nursing this lack of energy for too long, and need to get moving. Time to break out the yoga and the exercise routine. I cannot let this drained feeling keep me down, or else it could easily turn into depression, something I’ve wrestled with before.

Solution 3: Temperance XIV Rx – An angel with metallic wings pours water between two vessels, creating a powerful synergy by balancing her life. Reversed, the water flows upward, unnaturally, disrupting the balance. While I may have a tenuous balance going right now, I need to shake things up to break out of the malaise. Also, whenever this card appears reversed, it’s a good time to look into proper nutrition and vitamins. I need to make sure my body is receiving the proper tools to encourage a good energy flow. More water, less coffee, and my multivitamin will help here. Creative jump starts will get the juices flowing again too, such as writing, drawing, or just playing with the kids. Anything to shake up the hum-drum of the day.

Solution 4: Six of Wands – The victor is on his pedestal, surrounded by his followers presenting their wands to him. He appears to be giving his acceptance speech, imparting his wisdom of “how I did it” to others. While victory may seem like an odd solution, this card has recently come up as my personal expectations. Visualizing success, believing that I have the energy and strength to combat any task, and expecting only the best out of myself. Time for positive affirmations and remembering how awesome it feels to be living with high amounts of energy.

Solution 5: Queen of Swords Rx – This lady is dressed in gold and red, wielding two swords. One is straight up as the sword of truth, and the other is angled with a drop of blood, as the sword of retribution. Reversed, the weight of the swords seem to threaten her more than anyone else, as her inner turmoil has no outlet, no victim. I need to look within and explore why I have such energy problems. Am I dragging my feet out of fear of success, or so that no one will expect much from me? Or did something happen in my life to weigh me down emotionally? Either way, I have to be careful not to beat myself up for inner hurts, and accept myself just as I am. I need to learn from the past and let it go, incorporating its pain into wisdom, strength, and energy.

Have any of you ever struggled with energy issues? What techniques helped you break out of the personal exhaustion?


In honor of Thanksgiving, I created a quick spread to illustrate some of the things I have to be grateful for. These may be areas I’ve neglected to appreciate, or ones that I am well aware have helped me over the past year. This is a simple five card spread with the Deviant Moon , in a small arch just like the “turkeys” drawn by tracing your hand when I was in elementary school.

Tarot Gratitude Spread

Gratitude Tarot Spread

1. Seven of Swords Rx: This card is the sword eater who just can’t seem to pull it off right! Five swords lay at his feet, while he balances two swords tied together on his feet, trying to use gravity to ease the process. Especially reversed, this card is the “trouble I create for myself!” In its best light, it is creative solutions to problems, and innocent mischief. At worst, it can be betrayal, cheating, or hurting others. How to be grateful for this? Well, just like on any TV sitcom, any problem that I get myself into, I can get myself out of, no matter how convoluted. I can use my creative thinking to make it happen, and beat the odds in the strangest ways! A good quality to have when life gets tough.

2. The Tower XVI: “Dramatic and often unwelcome change!” This major instability has been a huge player in my life over the past year. I know I haven’t been as grateful as I should for this one! Yet change is the nature of the world, even total upheaval. Natural forest fires, while devestating, pave the way for new growth. And the lightning bolt from the heavens clears out unhealthy preconceptions, allowing for new thought and deeper insights to blossom. While it has been rough going, the Tower’s influence has definitely brought me where I am today.

3. The Magician I: The masculine life force, action, power, the ability to do what needs to be done. To pick a tool, and use it to its full effectiveness. No matter what situation I’ve been in lately, I do what needs to be done to support myself and my family. I have the ability to make life happen, and although living in the masculine energy is difficult when I’m a female, it is worth the cost. I am grateful that I am capable of this high activity lifestyle; if I were a more passive person, then we would be in a far worse situation.

4. The Emperor IV: What a stern card to be grateful for! He is control, organization, the world regulated to proper procedures and social mores. Yet without this control, chaos would ensue. In my life, if I do not keep a tight rein on my emotions and impulses, I could easily burn out by overwhelming myself with responsibilities and pleasures as well. In this card, his scepter rests on a red, demonish creature. I am glad that my personal demons are under his control, not running around to make things difficult for me.

5. The Sun XIX: Finally, a truly happy card to be grateful for! This is the card of epiphanies, of truly finding yourself and your personal fulfillment. I believe this has finally come to light by pursuing my love of tarot. This can be self-improvement or personal growth as well, and I know that the past year has brought many improvements into my life. I am learning to enjoy life, thorns and all, and am coming to terms with the apparently conflicted areas of myself.

What do you have to be grateful for this year? Overall, I am to be grateful for my trials, and my personal strength and ability to overcome with creativity and power. Share your thanksgiving reflections here in the comments!


About two months ago, I was feeling really drained and disoriented in my life. I consulted the tarot cards for the best steps to increasing my personal energy and reclaiming my life. This particular reading was very impressionistic to me, and I wrote it all out in keyword phrases. This sort of free association can take you deeper within the cards than you may normally reach by looking up the “textbook” meaning. Afterwards, I also let the images of the cards give me more practical, real world activities to take part in, and then I reduced all of my thoughts into simple affirmations for quick review.

Steps To Energy Tarot Spread

1. The Sun XIX

Be true to yourself, independent, carefree, Increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, self-love, doing what you love to do, Enjoy life, Have fun, Take advantage of all that life has to offer, be honest with yourself, explore yourself and what you truly enjoy

2.  The Tower XVI Rx

Allow things to change naturally, not explosively, don’t expect the worst to happen, be willing to rebuild and rework when necessary, don’t allow false facades to build up in the first place, explore new areas of interest, be in control of your destiny

3. Five of Pentacles

Keep things clean, tidy, and well-organized, know where everything is in your life, be willing to ask for help, enjoy the mundane tasks of life, do not be a victim, but instead be full of awareness of the world and the task at hand, walking meditation, let life be as it is, and as it comes

4. Six of Cups

Bathing and self-care, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, following your childhood passions and pleasures, appreciating the simple things with childlike curiosity, follow the natural flow of life, Sensuality and experience life fully

5. Queen of Pentacles Rx

Remember that life is both physical and spiritual, don’t get bogged down by worries and work, release your desire for stability and let yourself take wing, take flight with your passions and determination, give of yourself creatively and joyously, letting life provide what it will. Do what is best for you in the moment. Live life from moment to moment, not fretting about the future, and not letting it slip by unwelcomed and unappreciated into the past

General Impressions and Images

Horseback riding, travelling, sex, swimming, gardening, treasure hunting, bathing, enjoying the company of others, creating, writing, developing what makes me happy, not what will satisfy others, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, share your knowledge with others, don’t be attached to physical things and physical wealth, take time for self-reflection, self-knowledge, don’t be wrapped up in the past, make the most of your time on earth, be bold and adventurous even if it is in your chair writing, remain stubborn while seeking adventure, don’t let the past hold you back from the future, accept your mistakes as lessons, see yourself for the queen you truly are, not the imperfections in your mind, drop perfectionism, share your wealth and generous spirit with others

Basic Keywords

• Be Yourself
• Be Honest
• Be Walking Meditation
• Look Forward to the Future
• Use Roots to Fly

Let me know if this kind of reading appeals to you, or if you prefer more detailed, coherent responses. I find that this method tugs at the subconscious a little more strongly, whereas elaborate responses appeal more to my logical, reasoning mind.


Have you ever struggled with a particular area of your life, and consulted the cards time and again on the best course of action? I know I have! Sometimes, the cards start to blend together, especially when it is on the same topic in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, there are times when you’ve looked at a situation from so many different perspectives, that you already feel like you know what answers the tarot cards are going to give you!

When this happened to me, I developed a special tarot reading technique to compare and contrast my own thoughts about the situation versus what the cards were trying to reveal to me. The situation was, in fact, my writing goals. While I have loved writing since childhood, I have had a difficult time pursuing my goals. I got in my own way, and made some clumsy and foolhardy mistakes. Trying to recover from this setback has been a spiritually grueling process, and I have discovered a lot about myself and my blocks in the process.

Since I already had strong preconceived notions about my writing goals, I pulled out the “Double Play” tarot spread technique. I created a simple spread, six positions with my concerns about the situation. Here’s the twist: before drawing any cards, I thumbed through the deck and pulled the cards that I believed best reflected my situation. I wrote each one down, along with why I thought they were the best fit. Then I shuffled thoroughly and drew as normal. This allowed me to break past my own thoughts and compare where things aligned and where they deviated.

The Situation: “What is the best path to pursuing my writing goals?”


1.  The Situation
2. My Role
3. How to Set Goals
4. How to Plan Daily Routine
5. How to Overcome Obstacles
6. Outcome

My Choices:

Double Play Tarot Spread 1

1. Two of Swords – Stuck in a stalemate, unable to reach a compromise or decision
2. Seven of Cups – Lost in Illusions, Not making any progress
3. King of Swords – Pursue what I want and go after it tirelessly
4. Temperance XIV – Strike a balance with work/home life
5. The Moon XVIII – Explore the blockage and break free
6. Queen of Wands – Strong, confident, energized, able to do whatever it takes to pursue my goals

I felt extremely stuck when I drew these cards! Having a burning desire to write can consume a person if it is not properly released. Yet with a hectic life and very little free time, it can be easy to stand in your own way. I knew I needed Temperance’s balanced influence, yet each time I tried to balance, I felt like I was standing on my head! I also felt the desire to explore my inner blockages, to unlock the creative influence of the Moon. More than anything, I wanted the Queen of Wands! Her firey energy can empower anyone and push them along to reach their dreams.

Actual Draw:

Double Play Tarot Spread 2

1. Seven of Wands Rx – Indecisive, Anxiety, Embarrassment
2. The Moon XVIII Rx – Struggling against the Subconscious, Not facing fears, Not finding peace
3. Eight of Pentacles Rx – Frustration, Unfulfilled Ambition, Unsatisfying work, Looking not at success but at the necessary work
4. Queen of Wands Rx – Plan for crisis and disaster, follow natural impulses, Avoid bitterness
5. Ten of Pentacles Rx – taking risks, avoiding impatience, wildness to maintain balance
6. Wheel of Fortune X – Change in circumstances, Adaptation to Change, Greater Understanding of Life

The Seven of Wands reversed shows that what I believed was an internal stalemate was actually an anxiety-driven block leaving me unable to act. I felt very embarrassed by my setbacks, and took them internally as a personal failure, whereas these mistakes are simple learning tools to grow from. The Moon was reversed this time, indicating that I had not yet done the spiritual work to make any progress. My heightened frustration was illustrated beautifully in the Eight of Pentacles reversed. The Queen of Wands also appeared reversed, but in the Daily Routine position. Rather than plan a carefully orchestrated balance, I needed to follow my impulses while taking care to get things done early, before disaster can strike! I also needed to follow my wilder side, by taking calculated risks and getting out of my shell (I’m a Cancer) as the Ten of Pentacles suggests. This will bring a new cycle in my life, a period of change and growth via the Wheel of Fortune.

So far, so good! I’ve done some tarot meditation sessions, and faced some huge fears that I didn’t even know I had with the Moon. I’m also taking a risk right now, by attempting to create a blog even without constant internet service at home. I’m breaking out of my old patterns, and allowing myself to let go of my past mistakes, and head boldly toward whatever the future might bring.

Have you tried to illustrate your own situation by picking your own tarot cards? Did comparing and contrasting cards add to your understanding of the situation? Your thoughts are always welcome here.


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