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In light of a brand new blog, complete with new online friends who will come to call, I decided to do a simple tarot spread of my own design called “Getting to Know Me.” Hopefully, this will give you a bit of insight on me, my life, and my tarot knowledge. Above all, I hope to serve and enlighten you along your own tarot path.

Getting To Know Me Template

1. Myself, as author of this tarot blog
2. My foundation of tarot studies
3. My past
4. My current knowledge
5. How my tarot knowledge may best benefit my readers

Getting To Know Me Tarot Spread

Using the Gilded Tarot, my current tarot deck of choice, here are its chosen insights about me. (My fingers are crossed in hopes that it will say some nice things!)

1. Myself, the Author: The Empress III

I am cultivating a new creative endeavor, one that will go out into the world and benefit many. The Empress embodies these traits of imagination, delight in the process, and hope in the prospects of the future. She is also one of the cards I identify most strongly with (the Queen of Cups is my number one card!) I am glad to be the mother of this tarot blog, and that I am able to give birth to this new journey for myself and all of you.

2. My Tarot Foundations: Seven of Pentacles

I have been studying tarot for many years, since I first picked up a deck when I was fourteen. (It was the Osho Zen Tarot. I didn’t know anything about the man, or the digressions it makes from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. All I knew was that it combined my two interests at the time: tarot and zen living.) Twelve years later, I have rekindled my interest in the tarot, and studied intensely for over a year. I am a member of the American Tarot Association, and plan on getting certified soon. I have reached a point where my tarot studies are blossoming and giving fruit, and I am ready to harvest, like the lady pictured on the Seven of Pentacles. The good thing about the harvest is that you can share the rewards with everyone around you!

3. My Past: Ten of Wands

Naturally, my life hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine. I have met with life’s difficulties, and have carried at least ten wands at a time more than once! Currently, my financial situation has piled up a great deal of wands on my back, which you will read about in upcoming posts. (Hey, I’m not shy about these things! The tarot brings up sensitive issues, that not everyone is comfortable with. I intend to shed a little light on these kinds of readings, and on me and my human choices as well.) The past is full of these and other difficulties too. The culmination of these experiences adds up to a compassionate soul, one who can empathize with your situation and provide a response tempered by experience.

4. My Current Knowledge: The Moon XVIII

I was very pleased to see this card in this position! I am a very intuitive soul, drawing much more from the cards than their standard book meanings. I tap into the still, small voice within that points out the curliques of life. I have also recently been dealing with the darker areas with my mind and emotions, drawing out my unreasonable fears and slaying them. I know how to balance the wild mind with the rational mind, whether to climb the heights of spiritual experience, or give practical, real world advice. I do not intend to simply talk about the tarot path, I intend to live it.

5. Reader’s Benefit: Six of Swords

By coming here and reading about the tarot, you are beginning your own personal journey. Your own unique insights and experiences are welcomed and encouraged here. I hope to be the ferryman, guiding you along the experience as best I can. No matter where the tarot leads you, you will be changed, most certainly for the better. I personally use tarot as a vehicle for healing, guidance, and meditation. I hope that my knowledge will show you new areas of the tarot you have never explored before, and that you will grow spiritually from the experience.

I am also available to give tarot readings! Email me at for more information. Ad space is also available.

Again, welcome! I am most pleased to have you here. Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss a single tarot post, and comment often, so I know you are here. I love making new tarot friends.

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4 Responses to "About Kim"

I really like your blog kim and thank you for visiting mine & the nice comment! I am surrounded by Cancer’s…my daughter and my boyfriend:-) He says I must “channel” them!

Welcome Mindy! I hope you find my posts to be informative and helpful to you along your path. 🙂


Interesting blog! I checked it out after you left on a comment on mine. Years ago I read up on tarot cards and learned how to do basic readings, but since have forgotten all that. I’ll keep reading your blog and learn more!

Hi Scott! I’m glad I could help renew your tarot spark! Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog as well. Great stuff!


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