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Life Stream Tarot Spread

Posted on: December 15, 2009

If you ever feel like you are “going with the flow” in life, and just coasting down life’s river, then the Life Stream Tarot Spread can help you take control of your direction! It has two rows, that flow up and down, like a river. Let’s take a quick look at my life stream, which has had its share of rocks and waterfalls lately!

1. Where You Are Now –  Six of Wands – Now this is *not* the card I expected here! I do not feel victorious right now, as my life has been one of upheaval and difficult growth lately. Yet the figure is surrounded by his supporters, who can be seen as pledging their allegiance to him. I have a strong network of supporting, loving friends, who have been helping me through this difficult time, each in their own way. I am starting to feel the culmination of their support, as things are creeping ever closer to getting better. In this position, the six of wands is giving me a glimmer of hope, as I am so close to the success I crave.

2. Internal Influences – King of Wands – I have been the intuitive recluse lately! Besides taking a few days off from tarot, I’ve been examining my own inner workings. Dealing with anxiety, blocks, and other mental and emotional processes. I’ve been looking for a path in the dark, and writing up action plans that may or may not pan out. I could easily see this king writing up battle strategies in his war room, going over each possible tactic and tossing out the ones that don’t seem quite right to him.

3. External Influences – Queen of Cups Rx – Results have not yet been forthcoming, despite my meager efforts. I’ve been creatively frustrated, and the Muse has left me high and dry! I’ve also been feeling a tad depressed, stressed, and angry. My dear friends, while supportive, have not been coddling or overly sympathetic. They are a more action-driven bunch, coming up with possible solutions while allowing me to have my personal space to heal. What would I do without them?

4. Where You Want To Go – The Empress III – I want to embrace her love of life, and overabundant creativity! I want to enjoy the fruits of my creative labor, and taste the simplicity of a life well lived. I want my writing to take off, and to earn a decent living from it. I want to be able to enjoy my family, while providing for them. What a great card to have as a personal goal!

5. How To Get There – Eight of Wands – One of my least favorite cards! (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.) The eight of wands is all about action. Go, go, go, without a moment to lose! Press on, the journey is long, and the arrows are flying all around you. You can make it, as long as you aren’t standing still. Movement, energy, and action will bring me success!

Overall, there’s a lot of positive energy flowing here. The wands are all pointing me in a healthy, prosperous direction. The ladies are indicating my support systems, and remind me that I am capable of my own success, and also my own failures. As long as I work hard, there’s nothing that can get in my way.

If you try this tarot spread out, let me know! I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and more.



2 Responses to "Life Stream Tarot Spread"

I LOVE this post! Great job! I can note that tarot is oone of your passion,……

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Welcome!


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