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Tarot of Abundance: The Empress and the Four Queens

Posted on: November 25, 2009

On Barbara Moore’s Llewellyn Tarot Blog, she explores the Aces and their role in abundance. We would all enjoy a life of abundance, and more than any other cards the Aces hold the seed of potential abundance and room for growth. However, I personally see the Empress and the Queens as those cards who truly possess a bountiful life! These women have seen it all, and learned the best way to live their lives with the gifts they have.

The Empress III lives life fully and unabashedly. She enjoys every aspect of life, exploring her world with sensuality and grace. She approaches everything she does with an open heart, ready to experience the good and the bad with equal acceptance. In many decks she is visibly pregnant, and yet she remains caring and calm. Morning sickness? The pain of childbirth? She spends no time worrying about these potentialities. She understands that life has both pleasure and pain, and faces them both with faith in the process. She lives with true abundance, present in the moment, and never dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. What an exciting life!

The Queen of Wands holds the abundance of the supercharged Wands energy in her hands. She has charged through life, pursuing each goal for the sheer pleasure of the chase. She’s the career businesswoman, who is renewed after signing a difficult client. She’s the olympic athlete who runs each race and thrills at the adrenaline rushing through her body. Sometimes, she can even be the sexually empowered woman, who is unafraid to tell you exactly what she wants and will do nearly anything to get it. She enjoys life energy coursing through her, and shares her bubbly and excitable nature with all she meets. She is the most obviously and energetically abundant Queen out of any of the suits!

The Queen of Swords possesses the abundance of thoughts, wisdom, and logic. She may appear lost in thought at times, but she is simply reviewing what life’s lessons have taught her, and deciding on the truest course. She knows what she wants for her life, and plans out step-by-step how she wants to get it. She does not let the “worrying mind” take control, rather she has learned how to channel her thoughts into a useful tool. The rush of new ideas excites her, and she can often be found reading new treatises on classic arguments, or even starting a debate for the sheer thrill of idea exchange.  Her abundance of thoughts makes her an eager student and an excellent teacher, and she is an invaluable counselor when too many options weigh heavily on your mind.

The Queen of Cups is the emotionally abundant woman, who knows her heart and intuitivelly chooses the right course of action, no matter how odd it may appear to others. She trusts the process of her emotions, even if it means crying for an hour or screaming at the top of her lungs. Her emotional abundances manifests itself in her creativity. She excels when painting, writing poetry, or performing, because her emotions can shine through without being censored. What would take her hours to convey by talking it out can be expressed after a moment of looking at one of her creations. Her intuition leads her through life, cutting away at social customs. She is the heroine of many novels, who lets her heart lead her to happiness.

The Queen of Pentacles is perhaps the most abundant of the Queens, if also the most quiet and settled within her abundance. Her home is within nature, and she accepts the abundance of her life with a deep inner peace. She holds her pentacle with a loving  caress, and cares for her children and her creative projects with the same tenderness. She has the world at her disposal, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished by her creative hands. She is well grounded, and takes care of herself as well as she does her family. She is most comfortable in the world, and perhaps has some hedonistic tendencies. She enjoys a good glass of wine, a well-prepared meal, and a soft, cozy bed. In fact, she embodies what most of us picture when we think of abundance!

Do you agree, disagree? What cards do you think of when you think of a life of abundance?



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