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Steps to Energy Tarot Spread

Posted on: November 11, 2009

About two months ago, I was feeling really drained and disoriented in my life. I consulted the tarot cards for the best steps to increasing my personal energy and reclaiming my life. This particular reading was very impressionistic to me, and I wrote it all out in keyword phrases. This sort of free association can take you deeper within the cards than you may normally reach by looking up the “textbook” meaning. Afterwards, I also let the images of the cards give me more practical, real world activities to take part in, and then I reduced all of my thoughts into simple affirmations for quick review.

Steps To Energy Tarot Spread

1. The Sun XIX

Be true to yourself, independent, carefree, Increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, self-love, doing what you love to do, Enjoy life, Have fun, Take advantage of all that life has to offer, be honest with yourself, explore yourself and what you truly enjoy

2.  The Tower XVI Rx

Allow things to change naturally, not explosively, don’t expect the worst to happen, be willing to rebuild and rework when necessary, don’t allow false facades to build up in the first place, explore new areas of interest, be in control of your destiny

3. Five of Pentacles

Keep things clean, tidy, and well-organized, know where everything is in your life, be willing to ask for help, enjoy the mundane tasks of life, do not be a victim, but instead be full of awareness of the world and the task at hand, walking meditation, let life be as it is, and as it comes

4. Six of Cups

Bathing and self-care, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, following your childhood passions and pleasures, appreciating the simple things with childlike curiosity, follow the natural flow of life, Sensuality and experience life fully

5. Queen of Pentacles Rx

Remember that life is both physical and spiritual, don’t get bogged down by worries and work, release your desire for stability and let yourself take wing, take flight with your passions and determination, give of yourself creatively and joyously, letting life provide what it will. Do what is best for you in the moment. Live life from moment to moment, not fretting about the future, and not letting it slip by unwelcomed and unappreciated into the past

General Impressions and Images

Horseback riding, travelling, sex, swimming, gardening, treasure hunting, bathing, enjoying the company of others, creating, writing, developing what makes me happy, not what will satisfy others, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, share your knowledge with others, don’t be attached to physical things and physical wealth, take time for self-reflection, self-knowledge, don’t be wrapped up in the past, make the most of your time on earth, be bold and adventurous even if it is in your chair writing, remain stubborn while seeking adventure, don’t let the past hold you back from the future, accept your mistakes as lessons, see yourself for the queen you truly are, not the imperfections in your mind, drop perfectionism, share your wealth and generous spirit with others

Basic Keywords

• Be Yourself
• Be Honest
• Be Walking Meditation
• Look Forward to the Future
• Use Roots to Fly

Let me know if this kind of reading appeals to you, or if you prefer more detailed, coherent responses. I find that this method tugs at the subconscious a little more strongly, whereas elaborate responses appeal more to my logical, reasoning mind.



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