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Rough Financial Waters Via the Tarot

Posted on: November 4, 2009

My current concerns lately have been about finances. We have been having a rough time of late, and rent is once again falling behind. On the 29th, I asked the Gilded Tarot a few open ended questions about the current situation and my available options, shuffling between each question. I call this “organic tarot,” where the questions emerge from the reading itself.

Financial Situation Tarot Spread

My first question was “What do I need to know about the current situation?” I drew the Ace of Cups reversed, which most simply means “troubled waters.”

“A golden body of water gently rocks above the cloudy horizon. A large, golden, ornate grail floats upside down, supporting the ocean. Triune rays of light point up from a single blue eye below. The phases of the moon transition from full to waning amongst the sparse stars. The cup looks uneven as one beam of light reflects along its right edge.”

Everything is up in the air,in disharmony. I am feeling completely swamped, and at a loss as to what to do next. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to gather the money, let alone when. I have so many potential options, and I feel as though I have been grasping at straws without following through on any of them. Everything is falling apart, and driving me crazy with stress and pain. Hoping for a miracle, but looking for a straightforward plan of action. So I asked the tarot cards “What advice do I need for this situation?” I drew the Seven of Cups reversed next.

“Again, an ocean of water over a cloudy sky, although this one is blue instead of starry. Seven golden cups present a variety of opportunities. Green leaves, a white dove, water bubbles, a rainbow, sparkling stars, fire, and light emanate from each cup.”

Upright, this card is about daydreaming and being overwhelmed by options. Reversed, it is about choosing one option and following through to completion. Now is not the time for overwhelm, nor for constant flitting between options. As long as I follow through on one thing, progress will be made. Also, do not be afraid of making a choice without knowing how it will turn out. Nothing is completely certain, and all we can do is our best, no matter what.

Yet despite this knowledge, I wanted to know which option to choose. “What would be the best choice in this situation?” Imagine my surprise and frustration when the Ace of Cups reversed appeared again! At first, it appeared that the best choice would be the most difficult one of those available. Yet after studying the card more intently, I realized there was more beneath its watery surface. Problems befall everyone in life, and sometimes simple acceptance of the difficulty will bring relief, because you are not struggling needlessly. Also, sometimes there isn’t a perfect answer, and just doing what can be done is all there is. Progress instead of perfection is a worthy and noble goal, even in the apparently cut-and-dry world of finances.

I was still looking for an outcome to this situation. Were things looking up, or should I start packing our belongings now? For my outcome, I drew the lovely Fool.

“The multicolored jester juggles the zodiac in his hands. He balances on a rod with a hoop around it. The waxing moon is behind him in the cloudy sky.”

The fool is ready for anything that life has to offer him! He jumps in headfirst, with a great love of life. No matter what happens, it will be a grand adventure. As an outcome, it is a powerful renewal and breakaway from the constant worry, stress and pessimism. Only bold, powerful choices are ahead, and it is up to me to grasp the opportunities as they arise. Following my intuition and feelings is the best option for me, what I personally believe will be the ideal choice. I have nothing to fear, everything will work out for the best.

For the record, I have since worked out a solution with the landlord. Pay what I can now, and the rest on the third. Not an ideal solution for either party, as he hates dealing with partial payments, and so do I. But at the moment it is enough, although still very tight. I have also renewed my online writing career, although since I’m only able to be online at library, it is very limited right now. Yet I am on my way to bigger and better things, one step at a time.

Do you see any additional insights in these cards? Have you faced a similar situation, and how did the cards guide you through? Share your tarot wisdom here.



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