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“Double Play” Tarot Spread Technique

Posted on: November 2, 2009

Have you ever struggled with a particular area of your life, and consulted the cards time and again on the best course of action? I know I have! Sometimes, the cards start to blend together, especially when it is on the same topic in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, there are times when you’ve looked at a situation from so many different perspectives, that you already feel like you know what answers the tarot cards are going to give you!

When this happened to me, I developed a special tarot reading technique to compare and contrast my own thoughts about the situation versus what the cards were trying to reveal to me. The situation was, in fact, my writing goals. While I have loved writing since childhood, I have had a difficult time pursuing my goals. I got in my own way, and made some clumsy and foolhardy mistakes. Trying to recover from this setback has been a spiritually grueling process, and I have discovered a lot about myself and my blocks in the process.

Since I already had strong preconceived notions about my writing goals, I pulled out the “Double Play” tarot spread technique. I created a simple spread, six positions with my concerns about the situation. Here’s the twist: before drawing any cards, I thumbed through the deck and pulled the cards that I believed best reflected my situation. I wrote each one down, along with why I thought they were the best fit. Then I shuffled thoroughly and drew as normal. This allowed me to break past my own thoughts and compare where things aligned and where they deviated.

The Situation: “What is the best path to pursuing my writing goals?”


1.  The Situation
2. My Role
3. How to Set Goals
4. How to Plan Daily Routine
5. How to Overcome Obstacles
6. Outcome

My Choices:

Double Play Tarot Spread 1

1. Two of Swords – Stuck in a stalemate, unable to reach a compromise or decision
2. Seven of Cups – Lost in Illusions, Not making any progress
3. King of Swords – Pursue what I want and go after it tirelessly
4. Temperance XIV – Strike a balance with work/home life
5. The Moon XVIII – Explore the blockage and break free
6. Queen of Wands – Strong, confident, energized, able to do whatever it takes to pursue my goals

I felt extremely stuck when I drew these cards! Having a burning desire to write can consume a person if it is not properly released. Yet with a hectic life and very little free time, it can be easy to stand in your own way. I knew I needed Temperance’s balanced influence, yet each time I tried to balance, I felt like I was standing on my head! I also felt the desire to explore my inner blockages, to unlock the creative influence of the Moon. More than anything, I wanted the Queen of Wands! Her firey energy can empower anyone and push them along to reach their dreams.

Actual Draw:

Double Play Tarot Spread 2

1. Seven of Wands Rx – Indecisive, Anxiety, Embarrassment
2. The Moon XVIII Rx – Struggling against the Subconscious, Not facing fears, Not finding peace
3. Eight of Pentacles Rx – Frustration, Unfulfilled Ambition, Unsatisfying work, Looking not at success but at the necessary work
4. Queen of Wands Rx – Plan for crisis and disaster, follow natural impulses, Avoid bitterness
5. Ten of Pentacles Rx – taking risks, avoiding impatience, wildness to maintain balance
6. Wheel of Fortune X – Change in circumstances, Adaptation to Change, Greater Understanding of Life

The Seven of Wands reversed shows that what I believed was an internal stalemate was actually an anxiety-driven block leaving me unable to act. I felt very embarrassed by my setbacks, and took them internally as a personal failure, whereas these mistakes are simple learning tools to grow from. The Moon was reversed this time, indicating that I had not yet done the spiritual work to make any progress. My heightened frustration was illustrated beautifully in the Eight of Pentacles reversed. The Queen of Wands also appeared reversed, but in the Daily Routine position. Rather than plan a carefully orchestrated balance, I needed to follow my impulses while taking care to get things done early, before disaster can strike! I also needed to follow my wilder side, by taking calculated risks and getting out of my shell (I’m a Cancer) as the Ten of Pentacles suggests. This will bring a new cycle in my life, a period of change and growth via the Wheel of Fortune.

So far, so good! I’ve done some tarot meditation sessions, and faced some huge fears that I didn’t even know I had with the Moon. I’m also taking a risk right now, by attempting to create a blog even without constant internet service at home. I’m breaking out of my old patterns, and allowing myself to let go of my past mistakes, and head boldly toward whatever the future might bring.

Have you tried to illustrate your own situation by picking your own tarot cards? Did comparing and contrasting cards add to your understanding of the situation? Your thoughts are always welcome here.



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