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Hello everyone, and welcome to Kim’s Tarot Blog, where I will be sharing my tarot insights and observations with the world. I am a dedicated tarot student, and am pursuing certification. I am also a member of the American Tarot Association (ATA). I do intuitive tarot readings for friends, both old and new. More will be appearing here soon, as I have only one difficulty at the moment: no internet at home. My limited time at the library will make these posts short and sweet, unless I have time to download them from disk.

While I’m sure that’s immensely fascinating to all of you, I assume you’re here because of your interest in tarot. Well, I currently own five decks: the Rider-Waite-Smith, Gilded, Deviant Moon , Fenestra , and Enchanted Tarot decks. This wide variety serves me well in my current level of tarot studies, and soon I will post some of my own tarot readings, tarot spreads, and general thoughts about where tarot is now, and where it is heading in the future. Also, I believe that tarot can help people improve their own lives, and many of my interpretations will lean in that direction. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, stop by and leave a comment, or email me anytime at with your questions or inquiries about tarot readings. Please note that I am limited in my internet time, so it may take a few days to respond. Thanks, and welcome to the journey.



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